Dear patients, dear parents,

Since 27.4. we are allowed to resume regular treatments in practice. But we will continue to do so only with the very high hygiene requirements, that we already had during the Lockdown. These include:

1.) Hand disinfection, short fever measurement and compulsory wearing of masks for accompanying adults. Otherwise please bring your own mask, if you have one. However, we would like to ask that in urgent cases only a maximum of 1 person comes into the treatment room. From a hygiene point of view, it would be best if accompanying persons and families would wait outside.

Important: Patients with leading symptoms are not allowed to make appointments. These symptoms are: increased temperature (>37.5 degrees) or fever, dry cough, changes in taste or smell, diarrhoea. In these cases we advise you to consult your family doctor. Likewise, we are not allowed to treat patients, who have been in contact with a COVID-19 positive person in the last 14 days.

2.) Magazines and games will only handed out on request.

3.) Only 1 person (or family) is allowed in the adult waiting room and 1 person (or family) in the children's waiting room.

4.) We make every effort to ensure that there are no waiting times and that patients are directed immediately to the treatment room. Therefore we need much greater distances between the patients. This will lead to the fact, that we can no longer offer appointments very flexibly.

Please understand these strict precautions - which are also unpleasant for us - but otherwise we would not be allowed to do the treatments at all.

The most important thing is, that we can protect you and ourselves from infection with all possible options.