Orthodontics/ Office in Zug

In our Centre for Orthodontics in Zug, we offer you as specialists (orthodontists) orthodontic therapy for all age groups from schoolchildren to adults. Also with individual, modern and invisible treatment methods. The treatment methods include all kinds of fixed appliances such as braces and forced expansion, but also more inconspicuous treatments with aligners (such as Invisalign®, Nivellipso® or Clear-Aligner®), with lingual ("back") treatment with Incognito® or simply with white porcelain brackets.

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics deals with the diagnosis and therapy of tooth and jaw malpositions. Malpositioned teeth and jaws are not only an aesthetic problem, but can also lead to functional problems. Increased susceptibility to caries due to difficult brushing, inflammation of the gums, incorrect loading of the teeth and the chewing and facial muscles.

An orthodontist has completed a 4-year further training course in theory and practice and completed this with the specialist examination. This intensive further training is necessary to be able to offer optimal treatment concepts for the sometimes complex and individual malocclusions. For this reason, only experienced orthodontists, who can offer you such concepts, work with us in Zug.

In addition to orthodontics, we also offer children`s dentistry in our dental practice.