Tips for your first visit

  • Avoid soothing intentioned phrases such as "You need to have no fear, it does not hurt determined." If your child asks, if a dental treatment hurts, it's respond much more adept, that most children say it would tickle.
  • Despite all the preparations, a dental visit for your child is new and unfamiliar. It is therefore advisable, if the treatment team step-by-step is going to gently introduce your child to the treatment situation.
  • Please be patient, even if a treatment once should extend over several sessions.
  • Please promise no reward gifts!
  • Just things that your child may very desires, put it too strongly under pressure in the treatment and make the cooperation with the the team more complicate.
  • The less fuss you make about the treatment, the better it is.
  • Of course, your presence in the treatment room is welcome. Please just stay more in the background and leave the dental team your child's lead. Only through a good cooperation between parents and the dentist a promising and convenient treatment is possible.
  • It may also be that a child is too focused on the parents, if they are present in the room. That may makes the contact to the child for the dental team much more difficult. In such cases it is better to let the kids go alone in the treatment room.
  • From the age of about 4 years your child normally also goes alone to the Kindergarten. Your child will grow through it, if it can challenge the dental visit alone.

Example of nitrous oxide treatment