Children Dentistry

In our dental practice in Zug (but also in our partner practice in Cham) two trained pediatric dentists and a team specializing in children`s dentistry await you. Because children are not just little adults, they do need special attention, both with their everyday worries and with their (dental) medical problems.

Children's dentist in Zug

The equipment of our paediatric dentist's practice in Zug and the treatment rooms is completely geared to the needs of children. We pick up your child, where he or she stays, address their fears, guide your child in a playful way and involve him or her in the treatment.

With the computer-controlled anaesthesia "the wall", thanks to laughing gas and general anaesthesia, we have many different treatment options at our disposal, which make pain and fear-free treatment possible for every child. Our aim is always that your child will be happy to come back to us and that we can be your competent contact in the field of children`s dentistry until the end of the "braces-age".

We would be happy to discuss the individual treatment options for your child during your first visit to us in Zug.

In addition to paediatric dentistry, we also offer orthodontics for children, young people and adults.